Ghost of gardens.

infinite in papery moons
why must I lay
under your foot
in the voluptuous

madcaps and glassed eyes
her next death
in a million moons I’ve yet to meet;

god’s leavetaking, nothing left for you
but a ghost of gardens.
© 2020 All Rights Reserved. 

Reposted for the dVerse Open Link Night.

57 thoughts on “Ghost of gardens.”

    1. Thank you so much, and yes, definitely try it out. A poem a day is a neat challenge, especially with the limited amount of characters you’re limited to on Twitter. 🙂 I’m hoping I can keep this up for a whole year, but who knows? That’s the fun in it, I guess!

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  1. Those final lines are killer,”God’s leavetaking, nothing left for you but a ghost of gardens.” I flashed on the state of mind of the naked Jews in the Nazi showers as the gas came on. One vocabulary note given to me by an English teacher. “It’s lie not lay. Chickens lay, poets lie.”

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  2. I remember this one made me smile on twitter! I love the questioning in this, I feel a type of rebellion going on. Maybe that’s the tone I’m inserting into it in my own mind though. You had me at papery moons though. ✨

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    1. Yes, I remember you said something like that! 😀 Thank you so much and it is definitely a rebellion in some ways. The narrator no longer wants to be under the foot of anyone anymore; they’ve had enough.

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