Heroes and Villains.

I recently submitted a short story to the Reedsy writing contest, one of the prompts being: “Write about a first date that surprises both people, but in different ways.”

This prompt intrigued me, so I decided to use two of the characters I created from Identify, an ongoing novel collaborative project, and apply them to the prompt. I figured this could be a missing scene in chapter seven part 2 after Lauren and Artemis kiss in the mystic cave.

First time delving into something semi-romantic(?), but still as twisted as the main plot hopefully. I did have to alter the first few lines, but everything else that happens afterward is my “headcanon.”

Here’s a little teaser:

Lauren could no longer hesitate with her emotions. She had been frozen into the distinction of time and above all, tragedies—first with losing her parents, protecting her brother, Tom, as they were forced into memory loops and injections, then looking out for themselves on the island. She had to put other people out there to die, to disfigure themselves at the mercy of ash and topaz river-beds but she would do it again for him. 

Artemis, however, made this thinking process very difficult.

Feel free to read the short story here, and give feedback through Reedsy if you’d like. I hope you can enjoy it; I admit I’m not the greatest at romance but there’s always room to improve. 😅

Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Heroes and Villains.”

  1. I just wanted to embrace this story, although I am not sure whether this was the expected reaction. 🤗
    Silly bear… 😀
    Well, I can’t say much about romance either, but this story made me feel safer again somehow.

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