Poem On “Poetic Slice of Life” Podcast.

My work was featured on a podcast called A Poetic Slice of Life. This episode delves into discussion of poetry and Game of Thrones:

“Join us on storyboards. Each Saturday night the theme of the show is different from sci fi, cult classic movies, to comic book heaven with a side of entertainment that carries a dark edge at times. Saturday is focused on stories, on the characters that are brought to life in those stories and stay with us for a lifetime. Tonight, through poetry and discussion we will focus on Game of thrones. This show will focus on characters such as Petyr Baelish, Sansa Stark, Jeyne Poole (Bolton), Brienne of Tarth, Jon Arryn, Lysa Arryn, Robin Arryn, Anya Waynwood, Vance Corbray, Galbart Glover, Robett Glover, Wayman Manderly, Olyvar, and Ros.”

My poem is entitled “why die for pride?” and you can find me reading it at the 2:14:42 mark. I recommend downloading the podcast so you can see the time stamps. As some of you may know, I go by the pseudonym Ellie Onka which the piece is credited under.

I feel honored to have my work featured in the podcast along with other amazing writers and poets.

Please feel free to follow A Poetic Slice of Life on Blog Talk Radio and on All Poetry. They are quite entertaining.

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