“Sketch of Homey Cottage” by edenbray.

A white stripe daubed across, broken up

  from left eye to right 

  there is the cottage

The subject, a lemon cheesecake

  with a loganberry three-corner hat

Like a coulé sauce running

  all over its gable roof 

  square, bright the brush

Broccoli green, squeezing the saps stream

  gamboge, quinacridone, the wild shrub

The homey cottage nestled in

  deftly using an old nurdling filbert

  the outhouse, dirty shit-brown umber

Ivory black backs for two rusty old crows, 

  cerulean grey for the wandering seagull

A sprawled naked muse 

    purple breasted hills, bushes

    midriff distance betwixt rose d’or peaks 

Crumbled flake white, azure skies 

    juxtaposition of light upon a glass window

Titanium for brush touch-ups

    sense of light so sensual

    a lemon cottage where art is made

For further work, visit edenbray progressive poetry.

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