Character Profiles for “Identify”

The following information below are profiles about the main characters in the ongoing novel collaboration, “Identify.” I put out a notice about wanting to create a small group of writers who can help finish this story with me. I am hoping this could gather interest for those who want to participate in this collaboration. I will most likely accept beyond the 3 to 4 limit I put in my original notice if there are more people receptive to jumping in. If you are interested and would like to join in on this project, you can reach out to me via my contact page.

The psychological/character profile idea was from AuAu, so be sure to check them out. Thank you again for the idea. 🙂

Character: Tom (alive)

Analysis: Emotional, cares deeply for family, introverted, doesn’t live for himself, dives headfirst when infatuated. At one point in time, he abandoned Lauren to make an escape with his significant other, Zara, on a deserted boat. Later revealed he left his daughter behind too to protect her well-being if the escape ended in death. The failed escape led him to drown in the shores after being penetrated with a dart, and Zara being recruited as an island assassin. It’s still unknown how he survived initially.

Pre-story: Was with Zara, had a child out of wedlock. Pushed Lauren away. Was in an alternating, repetitive loop started by Anastasia and her labs. Eventually broke out of it, but it’s questionable if any of the siblings truly conquered their memory loops.

Story: Loses all, if not most, of his memories after mysteriously washing up on shore. Didn’t remember Zara, Lauren, or his daughter. Insensitive to his past until he recollects it more.

During story: Recovers memories of life before the island and during the island. When first meeting Lauren, she hands him a pistol to kill any mutants or creatures following them to the cremation sites. He is hesitant to use it as he doesn’t remember how to. Breaking and entering fails as Tom could not remember or trust the woman before him. He is shocked to learn that Lauren is his sister when he believed he was an only child. When brought back to their ranch, Tom can’t gather any memories there but notices how every picture or portrait has black tape over it. He is gravely injured by the time he and Lauren reach near the forest-lands; when Lauren leaves him to collect food to wane his hunger, the night-slayers are called from the lights in the sky to find the two iconoclasts and bring them back to Anastasia. Tom escaped, and while doing so, he found the second cross/x buried in the ground. It’s hinted that when the three crosses/x’s are connected, they can lead to a path off the island. At that point, they had already found the first x together.

He eventually has a brief encounter with Anastasia before being submerged in powerful waves, physically and mentally; his leg wound had miraculously healed. He ventures into the end-structure of a cave, the last we see of him is when Anastasia finds him alone.

Character: Lauren (alive)

Analysis: “Doesn’t give two flying leaps” attitude, reckless, dives headfirst into violence, doesn’t trust easily, cares only for Tom (and eventually Artemis), insensitive, and is weary of making new allies that aren’t Tom. She was part of the island radicals group which rallied against the island and provided each other with resources to go under the island society’s nose, along with different potential routes to escape. It’s likely most, if not all, who were in the group are dead when the story begins. She had broken out of the loop long before Tom did and therefore is more familiar with the island.

Pre-story: Gathered essentials and resources to infiltrate one of the island cremation sites and gain access to an alternate pathway. Tom, Lauren, and Zara discuss the possibilities and it’s discerned they will need someone to first get them an injection from the lab to induce a hibernation state (they would need a corpse to access the site). It’s assumed Lauren put Zara to the task, and when she returned with the serum, Zara had made herself a target to the island society. During their plan, Lauren had her sights on a ranch where they can start stocking up on supplies and have a base to work at. Tom really liked the idea, while she tried not to think of the aftermath. She had her island radical contacts get her the ranch by murdering the old man who lived there. She helped hide the body in the water.

Before they were collected on the island, Tom and Lauren lost their parents to a car accident they were all in.

Story: We first meet her as a strange ally to Tom, ready to help him get off the island. When their initial plan at the cremation sites failed when Tom broke out before she could collect him (and save him from being cremated alive), she improvised by gathering supplies at the ranch and going into the heart of the island in a desperate hope for escape. It is likely that she knew they were discovered when Tom’s body didn’t reach the checkpoint to be “cremated.”

During story: When separated from Tom, she meets the mutant that was stalking them on the beaches–Artemis. They had an intense confrontation that Lauren was ready to end by decapitating her with her newly-acquired spear. Artemis flipped it over, slashing her shirt, demanding that she gets on her knees. Not realizing that this was just a ploy to get her to sit down, Lauren obeys expecting death. They are both on the ground now hiding from the flashes; the time of the night-slayers had come and they were after them.

Both women found refuge in a large cave where they eventually explore to find out a possible path for escape. They stumble upon the third and final x. We last see them venturing further when there are screams echoing from the end of the cavern.

Artemis and Lauren had begun their relationship after Lauren helped Artemis clean up from her wounds. They both found solace in the other, while also a perspective of life as a human and life as a mutant on the island.

Character: Zara (deceased).

Analysis: As a human, Zara was very warm, compassionate, and somewhat sarcastic. She and Tom had begun their relationship on the island while Lauren was gathering the essentials needed for her and Tom’s escape. During this process, Tom and Zara break in one of the labs to presumably collect the serum but it turns out they were making a break for it, without Lauren. It’s later revealed that there are major memory gaps placed in the humans, so it’s even harder for the siblings to distinguish the timing that happened throughout and what order it happened in.

Pre-story: It’s assumed that the initial escape didn’t happen the way it was seen. Zara was able to collect a hibernation serum to use on one of them to enter the building; with a “dead” body, they could get the permission they needed to access the building. There is a memory gap around this timeline as when the story begins, this is exactly the method that Lauren uses to help Tom get in the building. Zara and Tom, at some point in time, had their daughter, Clarence.

Frustrated with Lauren’s recklessness, Tom takes the risk with them going through the labs and heading to the shores to escape. Zara reluctantly follows, especially as they left behind their daughter with Lauren under the presumption of spending time with her aunt.

During story: Zara is first introduced as a snake-like mutant who is ordered to kill the sibling iconoclasts. She was collected by the island after her failed escape with Tom off the abandoned boat, and now lives as an assassin bringing back each and every mark she’s ordered to. She enjoys the kills. She eventually loses sight of the siblings, and failing to retrieve her marks, Zargaff, a fellow mutant, is sent after her to kill all three of them.

Zara and Zargaff make an unlikely alliance to find the siblings. However, things turn south in the basement chambers of the labs (where the siblings are located). Zara and Zargaff engage into battle and when he discovers the siblings, he happily finishes off Zara. Watching the fight happen, Tom finally remembers Zara and somewhat of their life together but above all, his love/infatuation for her. Lauren is surprised at this revelation, but immediately jumps in to snatch Zara’s serum, dumping the contents in the mutant’s mouth as a last resort for her survival. Lauren hoped it would revive her to help save them and for Tom’s sake as well.

Tom remembers how to shoot to kill, soon fatally wounding Zargaff. The human begs Zara to wake up and after her imparting words, “Oh, my Tom. If only you would have listened to me…hisssssss… You would have been along my side…hisssssss…….and not running away from me…hisssssss……” she succumbs to her wounds.

Character: Artemis (alive)

Analysis: She is a cat-like mutant, has long claws, and uses trees like cat-scratchers. Very reserved, cold, secretive, introverted. She is often clueless of human emotions, being as she cannot recollect well when she used to be one. She has an unfathomable hatred of Anastasia and knows more than she lets on about her methods and just who Anastasia is. She likes to humiliate people, often in joking ways, and derives her strength from the half-life of serums that used to be injected in her. Her intrigue of Lauren eventually turns into an obsession where she followed her out in the forest to see who she was. She has creative ways of killing, though most of them were to build smoke signals to the sky to call for help (ex: creating a ladder through dead mutant limbs and body parts). When realizing there is no escape, she familiarized herself with the forest and its offerings that would eventually help her make poisons to kill anyone sent after her. She as well believes that Anastasia is keeping her alive seeing that Artemis can kill most people in her path. Does not like her appearance.

Pre-story: Was once human but, at some point, was collected by Anastasia. Not much is known about her past as she either does not remember it or does not want to talk about what she does happen to remember. She admits that she too had gone through memory alterations and loops.

During story: Her first meeting with Lauren almost resulted in her death, until she turned the tables and pinned the spear to Lauren’s abdomen. She helps Lauren hide from the night-slayers, and after being attacked by a mutant in the cavern, Lauren saves her from being poisoned and cleans off her wounds. They start their relationship after that. Lauren and Artemis venture deeper into the cave, which Artemis originally disagreed with as she wanted to stay closer to the entrance to keep an eye out for night-slayers. However, both women hear a scream in the bowels of the cave and rush towards it.

Character: Clarence (dead/alive: ???????)

Pre-story: Not much is known about her life before the story begins. It’s assumed she had a normal upbringing, seeing as Tom and Zara wanted to give her what they couldn’t have in life.

Story: Was shown to be very close to her mother, Zara. Often enjoyed outings that involved fruit picking, and when she injured herself after a bad fall, Tom tried to take the pain off her mind by recounting a story of the black princess of soot who was vanished into a dank palace by a monster. The black princess and the monster battled against each other, but the black princess tricked the monster and she escaped the palace to emerge in the woods. The story comforted Clarence. We last know of Clarence being sent to Lauren’s place to spend time together.

It’s later revealed that Lauren has lost memories as well, as she recollects trying to protect a child in her care but failing. Tom may never have had amnesia, Lauren realizes, as they were still possibly reeling in the effects of the memory loops and alterations.

Character: Anastasia (alive)

Analysis: First portrayed with an air of seduction; cold, manipulative, cruel. She bathes in the blood of both mutants and humans—but prefers human heam for their “ingenuity.” She admires the siblings for their will to live but hates them all the same. She noted that Zara was able to put a dent into their relationship.

Pre-story: Her brother tried to kill her to take over the throne, but Anastasia was cunning as she killed him first. She doesn’t think much of familial relationships anymore. Not much else is known about her except that she often mood-swings, has servants and slaves under a mind control, and does not have any immediate family left.

During story: She orders the deaths of both Lauren and Tom. However, when the siblings escape all odds, she goes from wanting them dead to wanting them alive. She wants to realize what she had missed when she first deemed them as failed experiments. More so, they peaked her curiosity and earned her intrigue. Her first encounter with Tom is through submerging him in mental and physical waters that healed his wounds. He tried to kill her by shooting aimlessly to the ground, but she was already gone. Tom’s second encounter with her is within the cave. Anastasia reveals, submerging into his devastation, that none of it was real—his memories were false. No one knows if she was telling the truth or if she were lying to weaken his resolve.

The last we see of her is when she puts her hand over Tom’s throat, intent currently unknown.

22 thoughts on “Character Profiles for “Identify””

    1. It really is a lot of fun! Thank you for the support. I hope I can find the rest of my ideal team too; I already have one fantastic writer on board. I’m hoping others will want to jump in too. 😀

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  1. I dont think Ill be able to write in this genre, but maybe I can do the drawing of the opening scene, I was thinking of something like this, though Im not sure if the emotion is quite there, or the haircut…

    at the end would be something like this, but with more grey or dark colors.

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    1. I LOVE these drawings. I think you nailed the ambience in the opening scene with Tom washing up on shore; I can feel that confusion, sadness, and pain of his character in the sketch. You really hit the vibes of the first chapter and his character arc.

      The second one is fantastic too. I especially love how you depicted the island scene and with Lauren too at the bottom left, I think? That is how I’d imagine her to be, sunglasses and all; pretty stoic, tough-looking at first. This is excellent!

      Would it be alright if I share these here? I think they’re really cool! I will link back to your site so my readers can find more of your work.

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      1. The second drawing is from one of my stories, but I can take that look for Lauren, Ill work something out.
        I will start with the sketch, today Im gonna have a busy day, so probably tomorrow, Ill post a comment with the progress 🙂

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      2. I really must thank you for doing all of this. ❤ Your art looks amazing and I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with for Lauren. I really liked that sketch with Tom.

        Take all the time you need. 😀

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      3. Hi Au! I hope all is well.

        As said, I loved the art you did for the two main characters of this story (especially Tom’s). I was wondering if it would be alright if I used the completed drawing you did for him as cover art for a podcast I’m developing for this collaborative novel. I figure it would be easier for some people to jump in if the formatting includes audio as well.

        Let me know if I can use the art and of course I will credit you and link back to your site. Thank you so very much for your consideration.


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      4. Sure, it is ok. The Lauren drawing is half way done, hopefully will be finished tomorrow. I gotta run for work now, too late!


      5. Thank you so much! I also can’t wait for the completed Lauren drawing; I really, really appreciate this. Thank you again. 🙂 Have a great weekend.


  2. I resonate with the character of Tom immensely. Especially when it comes to having memories return. I love the idea of collaboration of writers. It will definitely give an impact on character differentiation. I would be honored to help. I usually work in creative writing and poetry now. It’s been quite sometime since I tackled a bigger project. As a child I owned a typewriter and strictly worked on novels.

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