Guilt O’ guilty ~ here take my hands, my teeth, my voice! …

In Memory of Jesse Washington (1897 – 1916)

I am crawling on my knees

rolling in the dust and the cinder ashes

of this tragedy, coals to my feet

Spittle hanging from my chin

my eyes swelling in their shrinking sockets

of angers flames consuming me

Thoughts spinning in my head

my heart exploding in my barrelled chest

of the torture mankind can render

Reason running with these blackened legs

my integrity, is it skulking in green bushes

of the questions only conscience guesses?

Jesse Washington, seventeen, is burning

my senses revolting at such torrid history

of racism, the shared pain of human shame

I am questioning in my tortured brain

my teeth grinding in my silent mouth

of hatred, the true price for each of Jesse’s teeth

I am standing on these burnished feet

my courage feins returning as a ‘Glory’ soldier

of writing new stories, black ink, whitened paper

© edenbraytoday 02.04.2021

Jesse Washington (1897-1916)

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