“PEACE and SILENCE” by edenbray.


The black spaces between my thoughts
revolving stars in space
Bowie dreamed of before his dying
Jesus of the planets
inside the chasm travelling
Elijah in full throttle
his blood-red warship carried by inertia
of the flowing horse's main silver
flaming chariot in the skies
three sage horsemen approaching
not Saint Nicholas on a sleigh
not the Imam calling heads to pray
Ayatollah or the dollar
I break a stick upon the morgue
of the satanic ritual
and hope gushes out
faith the final frontier of prejudice and ism
a white star glistening 4-3-4
light years from my home
in New Bedford, New Jersey
old Bedford in Bedfordshire UK
or any plot of land possessed or unclaimed
stolen or re-named
purple-blue and black the skies at night
a clattering of jackdaw now take flight
carrying their ill-gotten gains
a songbird slain's remains
songbird sings his nations anthem
while his buried child moves earth and stones
walks so tiny and discreet upon her bones and her distressed feet
put up your sword, put up your anger for just an hour
of conciliation  - tis peace I bring and peace I give
peace for you, you ~ 
O' Lazurus's daughter - 
to live - peace I give you
not as any man or government or decision 
or controlling thought or aptitude is forever able
peace - a black river with black fish and sediment
a silent forest where mammals chatter
where only wars of territory matter
peace kiss silence, tell make it up
embrace your long lost brother
celebrate that you once had the same mother

The voices of the lonely spirits moan
I attend their wake to smile 
the thoughts they bring?
morbid songs they sing?
are their brows so filled of trained memories?
as father passes on to daughter
as sons learn to lie like their mother
the hyenas dancing bloodied
wild birds collecting seeds
or feasting on dead carrion
when the sun turns its back
and all but the moon falls asleep  
tis joy to be in silence
silent as the damp pause
between the thunder
as silent as the tomb
where lay the noble knights in armour
the words of Plato and Aristotle
so brittle and brilliant 
lie quietly like exhumed lovers
their barren paps, their empty sacs
but silence is no skulking demon  
no lionhearted dragon, spent of semen
he towers in the deft morning
moon-washed and hazy
his deep eyes draw pictures of salted ebony
wind-rushed his mountain coat
content upon his own time he spoke
silent words of truth
and ate his fill of lichen, 
sedges, the wild grass
so stealthy in his gait 
he silently hath learnt to wait
as peace, a maidens flowers
adorned around his neck
beauty and tact and grace
plaited by his boned horns
peace and silence he hath sworn 


For further work, visit edenbray progressive poetry.

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