“Strange Dreams” Publication in Free Verse Revolution Lit Issue II.

I am very excited to share the news of Free Verse Revolution Lit’s debut of Issue II: Hermes (the kaleidoscope). How thrilling! I thank the lovely Kristiana Reed for accepting my piece “Strange Dreams” in this publication.

This poem has a funny background I’d like to share. It was a conversation with my friend, Gabby, that brought it to life. If I recall, we were discussing the eerie calm of the night, how it feels sobering but not even real; how we feel more alive in it despite that. Then I said, “You know what? I should write something like that and I’ll send it to you first!”

Which I did. After that, she gave me such lovely feedback it warmed my heart.

I have been sitting on the poem since around Christmas Eve–which is fitting–never really knowing what to do with it (except stare at it sadly in my notes and sigh), but I’m happy to say it now has a home with Free Verse Revolution Lit.

Thank you again, Kristiana. ❤

to push aside half-moons
a body of stone
lies back;

your face,
and bleeds the wind
far off from
lips and gathered blood
when in death, I dreamed nothing…”

Continue reading here. My work is on page 55.

I hope you could enjoy this piece and not only that, but be sure to check out the issue and read these other amazing authors’ work. It’s an honor to be in their company.

33 thoughts on ““Strange Dreams” Publication in Free Verse Revolution Lit Issue II.”

  1. Hello. I’m not sure if my previous comment went through, so posting it again. There is something beautiful in the unexpressed. Your words conjure magic like this. Congratulations! This is wonderful. Will read the rest as well. 🙂

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