i hid from you all.

littlest rain
it was not dead
or the moon with her eyes
the perfume
asleep, having flowers to cease
as i now subsume tragedy
beyond the wisp of her lips
stillness yet adorns to me
her eyes of stone.

in the garden wore
a death of bliss
perpetuare suffering

 © 2021 lucysworks.com All Rights Reserved.

Reposted for the dVerse 6/24/2021 Open Link Night (OLN).

47 thoughts on “i hid from you all.”

  1. Speechless. Well, actually not exactly speechless but, let’s just say I’m in awe. This level of talent though, wow girl, I have surpassed being impressed. This is next level amazing.

    I love it all, but what I really appreciate is how it tells a story that is highly interpretable by any reader. Every line was wrote with a sense of purpose and with so so much detail and beauty though the stanzas are shorter. It’s just beautiful. It feels tragic and lovely and mysterious and beautiful all at the same time. I love it!!

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    1. Oh Gabby, you have made me speechless. Your words and support, it just means a lot to me much more than you’d know. Thank you so, so much. I’m not sure what else I can say but thank you. 😄

      I brought this up the other day or so about one of my poems. I always prioritize the reader’s interpretation of any piece of literature as each reader holds different views while the author knows the view they meant to execute on the page. Of course the author’s view is important, but I think subjectively, the reader’s ranks much higher because of how it impacted them.

      Whew, with that said, I thank you so much for your lovely comment. Wow, oh wow. That was definitely my intention as with most of my work–it’s so figurative, there can be meanings that even I haven’t thought of. That’s the beauty in poetry, in music, in art, you know? I just love that.

      This piece is a solemn and tragic one to me; mysterious in the way I hide details, not wanting to show it all, but at the same time, knowing everything I’m showing in my mind. Another reason why I think multiple interpretations are better than one “strict” one, imo. ❤ ❤

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      1. Awwww you are so very welcome girlie!! Everything I say is true, and there’s so much more I wish I could say but I have a hard time finding what exactly to say xD ❤

        I remember us having that conversation and I 100 percent agree!! I truly believe art, in whatever form, is made for both the producer and the receiver. Both can read it in such a different light and feel such different things, whilst the words and original meaning stay the same

        It feels like a very deep, heart-strung piece that has a very personal meaning to it. It’s truly beautiful girl ❤

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      2. It JUST took me a few seconds to remember that yes, we did talk about that too! How funny, man the time flies…

        But, yes, that’s it exactly. I agree with you. It’s meant to be understood in different ways in how it resonates with someone.

        It does have a personal meaning to it, that’s true. ❤ Thank you so much.


  2. the perfume asleep, having flowers to ceases as i now subsume tragedy beyond the wisp of her lips,”.. this is absolutely stunning! It’s such a pleasure to read your work, Lucy 🙂

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