Lost/lonely (Draft).

lost and lonely
these bones shake
childhood I knew

the moon draws a baby
cherub death
in my heart

slips in an older body
a young girl’s moon

was it a love killer
it was my love.

© 2021 lucysworks.com All Rights Reserved.

Written 6/10/2021 in response to Utahan15

Reposted for the Go Dog Go 6/28/2021 Promote Yourself Monday.

8 thoughts on “Lost/lonely (Draft).”

  1. I can sense, through this work, a contrast between age and youth, and of the feeling of yearning towards a love that cannot follow from just a few paces behind.

    The cherub, identical to the cupid, striking the heart with an arrow. Though, it is an infant, or like a young girl the poem states, wishing to be just an innocent in its reluctance to follow. To follow in the progress of age, to a state of growing old in the other’s arms. A greater pair of comforting arms, who will show a world outside of the cradle.

    A love that died, since it wanted to remain young. It remained young, it died, because it stayed in being stubborn enough to cling. Clinging upon what was too comforting to leave. It never wanted to mature. It wanted to stay being just little more than a seed.

    It’s my interpretation. Might have thought too much into it. 🙂

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    1. I LOVE your thoughts on this piece. I think with what I originally had in mind for this poem was similar to your interpretation, but admittedly some poems I write, their meanings tend to elude me after a certain time. I love the imagery you brought to life with your interpretation, and it’s truly a joy to read your thoughts on my work.

      Thank you so, so much. ❤

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