Oktavia’s Rage (soundtrack with updated version).

7/12/2021: The last track is the updated and final version of my soundtrack, Oktavia’s Rage. I kept the rough draft of it for comparison. Hope you could enjoy. 🙂

Below is a soundtrack I created for my character, Oktavia, in an ongoing role-play one of my friends created a few months ago. It’s sort of like dungeon and dragons, but not exactly if that makes sense. The layout, overall, is like writing parts to a story.

The soundtrack I made was designated for a fire she caused in the forest; my character’s strengths are through fire and lightning magic, and she just discovered the ability to set her body to flames (succumbing everything else to fire except her). In the scene, she was abandoned into the forest, her pet dragon stolen from her. Her energies increase as rage pervades throughout her body, gathered in the excerpt I wrote below for my part:

The warmth smothered her body, smoke pouring throughout her lungs. She looked, in haste, at her hands. She was on fire. Oktavia tried hard to quell it, though her eyes still glittered in rage. Her nerves, ravines rather, they were flooded with energy, she was able to move throughout the devastation caused from her emotions.

Stealthily pacing away from the grassland and forestry was only to no avail. She would be yet another cause of death and havoc, as she marched on. Sideway flames were engulfing her vision, blood started to drip out from her wrists as she trembled—gripping vices like onto a tree limb; she struggled to catch her breath. She gathered she was losing ground as trailing footfall flowed into the descending chaos and light.

Lost in the forest from the cut flames, an array fixing glare hovered over, parallel to her chest. She was laughing, her face ached, stretched—until all she could twist were her tears, either dumbstruck at the ruins she left behind or the mania bubbling to be let out; how funny, she could think, that she would die in this way, in rubble.

But, she deserved it.

I created this character in mind back in the early summer; she started out as a semi-bionic but it kind of fell through as an idea until my friend started this RP. Oktavia’s main personality traits have stayed the same: petulant, awkward, angry, cold, and she loves a brush toward violence. Her only source of stability is through her childhood pet dragon, Lincoln. Being the artist I am not, her physical appearance is based on an image I found on Unsplash that matched nearly as what I visualized her from within my mind. I later traced over it with a digital drawing app, only recently applying some color to it.

Her appearance includes light blonde hair, pale complexion, heterochromatic eyes (one orange with a recently acquired scar that reached her sclera; the other dark green), and a right metallic arm that she “earned” in childhood during sword training with her sifu. You can say it went… well.

In the beginning of the RP, she meets other wanted “criminals” during her time in the holding cells and they make a quick escape off of her pet dragon, Lincoln. The rest of the story from there on involves betrayal, alliances, and even amnesia. It’s been very fun and enjoyable to participate in!

I hope you can enjoy my track below.

31 thoughts on “Oktavia’s Rage (soundtrack with updated version).”

  1. very cool Lucy im thrilled thanks for sharing all of your amazing work with us i truly am sorry i dont comment your offerings but ive been following your site for some time now and it is always a pleasure 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

      1. I probably should have added: “But better not burn it, especially when you can.” (Just imagining Oktavia trying hard to not burn it.) 😂 Now she will burn me for that… .D

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  2. The anxiety the track conveys is so fitting with the situation! Also what RPG is Oktavia from? If I would have to guess, probably a fire Genasi from Pathfinder.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much!

      Oktavia is not from any RPG. She’s a character I created originally for a story I had, but it fell through. A few months ago, my friend came up with this original fantasy role-play that involves three different kingdoms and worsening tensions throughout the lands. We write in it often.

      It’s sort of like creating your own storyline following the general plot or our idea of it, anyway. 😀


      1. That sounds so cool!! So basically just focusimg on the role-playing of an rpg and creating a story with diverse characters, awesome idea to write some genuine character interactions inside an set plot.

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    1. Thank you so much! If you’re talking about the rhythm melody, that was an organ I used in my digital audio workstation. If the leading track, that was a synth. 😀


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