into the deathmongering
don’t be a charmer

the moon eats your face
it’s a cut into the fire
an outgrown orchid
the young girl’s moon

Don’t look for me
I won’t look for you.

© 2021 Pseudopsychosis All Rights Reserved.

Written 5/27/2021.

33 thoughts on “thief.”

  1. Lucy, I seriously feel like I need some exegesis on many of your poems, including this one. It’s fascinating – I know it’s beautiful, I can feel that it’s beautiful, but I am so often not quite sure what it’s about!


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    1. David, thank you so much and I can happily provide that explanation. ❤

      I wrote this about feelings of depression and leaving people and the past behind. The final two lines were hard for me to write, but it really encompassed how I felt during that point in time when I wanted to be left alone.

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  2. “The moon eats your face, it’s a cut into the fire” What a line! It’s amazing how you put in so many emotions without saying too much. Loved every line of this ❤❤

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