Cover reveal of “Nights in the Snow Garden.”

When Lotte Jean reached out to me asking if I could do a cover reveal of her upcoming poetry collection, “Nights in the Snow Garden”, I felt ecstatic and honored. You may remember that I wrote a review of her last poetry collection, “Letters to Jupiter” which familiarized me much better with her writing style and work.

Now I have not read this poetry collection yet, but it is expected to release later this year on November 30th, 2021 with The Elliotts Creative.

The cover, while simplistic, is beautiful. It fits the narrative idea of “Nights in the Snow Garden” with topics of growth, nature, healing, and fragility as a single flower falls into the brumal blue.

Per the synopsis, “Nights in the Snow Garden” is about “a nameless narrator’s tale of heartbreak and messages of encouragement as they sit in a garden of night where flowers bloom even in the coldest of seasons, looking to nature to help heal a wounded heart. Acting as a reference to let yourself flourish in your own time, no matter the weather. Inspired by the aesthetic of flowers, art, literature, and the beauty of changing seasons, we examine broken love, life purpose, and self-appreciation. Let yourself become a garden and watch your soul grow alongside nature.”

Based on what I’ve read in “Letters to Jupiter”, I can guarantee you this upcoming collection will be an emotional ride with raw and heartfelt examinations of the self, love, and life. Keep in mind the publication date later this year and grab yourself a copy when it’s released. To be updated on this publication, you can keep track of it on Goodreads.

Check out Lotte Jean’s website for further work and updates.

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