“The Obsession” (Chapter Two via Kindle Vella).

Chapter one via Kindle Vella.

I am currently working on a short chapter series called, “The Obsession.” It utilizes my original idea of Oktavia as a bionic, struggling with volatile emotions, murder, and partial memory erasure to hide her underlying “ailments.” The second chapter is “Far Cry” which explores more of Oktavia’s and Mischa’s dynamics with each other, and a sprinkle of memories from the two.

I always like hearing your thoughts and feedback. I hope you can enjoy episode two. It was actually supposed to be a lot longer, but I broke it in half; the remaining half will be going toward chapter three where things get a bit more interesting.

Here’s a blurb from chapter two. International readers who are interested, chapter two will be released soon on my site. 🙂

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