Empty abandonment
drawn to where it rains
I shun the cull of your words
I stand at refraction/rejection.

in memory, maybe I was
on the drowning grave of anger;
maybe I was only an asshole.
Eyes like the Cheshire cat
in midsummer rain.

© 2021 Pseudopsychosis All Rights Reserved.

Written for the 08/09/2021 dVerse quadrille prompt: Stand.

69 thoughts on “Mnemosyne.”

    1. How true—that’s what gets me about memories. We see things with a filter until way down the road, when it’s lifted, we see what we were unable to at the start. I also agree about rewriting memories, it really comes down to perception and our mental state, imo. Thank you so very much!

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      1. You’re welcome, Lucy!
        I’ve compared memories with a sibling, and it’s funny how we remember different things. Not necessarily that one is truth and the other isn’t, but that we see and remember from our own perspectives.

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  1. I like the vulnerable self-reflection in this piece. Those “maybes” are at the very least, worth the thought and often enlightening. I’ve always been a little creeped out by the Cheshire cat.

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  2. We are all such splendid assholes Lucy — it’s all part of the joke. 😏 This was as killer a bit of writing as ever my friend. “Eyes like the Cheshire cat in midsummer rain” and the same smile of bliss! 😁

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  3. I love so many lines and images in this poem “the cull of your words” “the drowning grave of anger” “maybe I was only an asshole” (I love that only). I can’t claim to fully understand it all but it is so wet and sad… but angry too. Those cat’s eyes on the drowning grave. Anger buried deep within. Only an asshole. It’s all amazing. Love it.

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    1. Aww, thank you Worms. This was originally a draft inspired by another Bo Burnham prompt I wrote to on Instagram; the #InsideWithAlyAndBri one hosted by Alyssa (@perceptivepoetics) and Bri (@goldlacedink). I had thoughts of how I interact with people and how my social anxiety can make it hard for me to hold conversations and get to know people better.

      I wasn’t too happy with how I wrote the original piece so I tweaked it here, but it’s still not complete. I took lines out of my original draft to put here, while adding a line or two to fit the word count requirement for the quadrille. I’ll probably post the draft version soon, and when I finish it, along with the final version.

      I love your analysis and interpretation. It is sad and angry, especially as I still feel that way but progress happens and little by little, the anger/sadness leaves. It’s a cycle for sure. Thank you so much. 🙂

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  4. Your writing always challenges me to read again and again – its such powerful stuff. ‘I shun the cull of your words’ – what a great line. Would love to have that in my armour to use when the time is right.

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  5. The way you’ve crafted this piece is exceptional Lucy.

    “Eyes like the Cheshire cat”
    This was really clever. You’re pieces feel like the work of a genius, the way you play with words is so effortless. Loved this ❤

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