“SOME MORE TIME?” by Kunjal G.

The humble words of the wise
“Death is a prerequisite to life
“it will always arrive and once it does...
Those who are wise will come along with it”
“Death is a necessary truth, and so move on with it”,
Can’t seem to digest,
The pain and bearance of emotions,
The truth yet memories at every sight,
Breaks me away.
What are the happy moments worth?
 Hence, they  come tumbling inside,
One by one but no permission
 And carry me down the memory lane.
Which by the way is a pleasant ride,
And makes me giggle, laugh and finally smile.
Until the latest one arrives.
And I am once again shattered inside.
Lost, lonely and feeling the brunt of tide
It's better to be unwise, isn’t it?
I can’t do it, I can’t be wise.
And feelings also come with the patter of rain and cries.
Drooping down in an uncanny smile.
I’ll move on, maybe no... yes  I will suffice.
So, till then maybe some more time?

About the author.

Hi. I am Kunjal Gupta, one of the Duo Disseminators. You can check out the blog run by me and one of my friends. I am a teen and I have found myself okay around writing poems. Honestly I am not good at it, but I try my best to bring my emotions out into the pen. So, this poem is based on what I have felt regarding the notion about death. Maybe you won’t be able to relate to it. Maybe you will. But, I hope you like this piece! Au Revoir.

6 thoughts on ““SOME MORE TIME?” by Kunjal G.”

  1. Years and years after, what may be an imposition could really be an excuse to a welcome. Years and years after, they will become memories in a cupboard, Kunjal. And what will be left in the open are beautiful poems that celebrate living, 😊. 😘

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