Artemis and Lauren.

This is a soundtrack I composed for my ongoing, collaborative novel, Identify. This depicts a scene I wrote in the latter half of chapter six where Lauren and Artemis first interact in the woods:

Her hand remained tethered to the spear, ready to decapitate Artemis. Silently, Artemis ran her fingers to the middle of the weapon, flipping it back to Lauren (she had a weak grip–Artemis decided she was not native to these areas, or more likely, did not have much experience with self-defense), ultimately slashing the bottom half of her shirt, forming a thin red line above her navel. Lauren paled in a juxtaposition of white, stumbling to one of the trees, feeling dismay creeping into her bosom. A prospect of death was luring her, and she believed it was about time.

Artemis leveled the spear at her side. “Down on your knees.”

“What?” Her voice felt faint.

“Down! Now!”

I don’t know why, but chapter six was really one of my favorites to write. I think it is because I was hit with the idea of Artemis, especially when I didn’t think I’d add another character by then; but when drafting, I realized someone needs to be out there that is both balanced as a neutral threat and ally.

One thing I never planned was the romantic relationship; I just loved how they interacted, it went naturally.

I digress. Hope this soundtrack could depict a bit of weirdness, a bit of surrealism, and a bit of fear in the midst of it all too–I pretty much am looking at it through Lauren’s perspective, how everything is fading in seconds before she believes it is her time. This would also include that bass which resembles a heart beat. It was very fun to compose and edit through Logic Pro.

As always, I appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

14 thoughts on “Artemis and Lauren.”

  1. From the character’s perspective, I think the short song captured your criteria. There was just enough dissonance (if that’s the right word) to get those elements in there and the lower frequency certainly instilled a bit of dread. That fade away was a nice touch too, especially where the story’s excerpt ended.

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    1. Well, I did have a podcast but I put that on pause after breaking my elbow. Now as for incorporating soundtrack, I considered something similar with creating my own music to avoid using stock soundtracks but I just didn’t have the time.

      I love your idea and I’ll explore that route if I make enough tracks. Thank you so much. 🙂

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