Tom and Lauren vs Zara vs Zargaff (Soundtrack).

I created a soundtrack for the most brutal scene yet in the ongoing Identify novel collaboration. Chapter five part II (both parts written by the amazing Amit) was the scene I composed for, specifically near the end, where Tom, Lauren, and Zara face off the mutant hunting their trail, Zargaff.

Spoilers ahead! When Tom finally remembers Zara, as she lay dying, he shoots Zargaff multiple times in the chest:

“Tom didn’t even remember grabbing the gun from Lauren’s satchel; he just did it.

Zargaff held her up in his bare hands above his head as a stream of green blood dripped from his chest like a fountain. He dropped Zara to the ground.

Z91 couldn’t believe that this was his first and last battle of supremacy in which he lost to a mere mortal. He dropped down like a lifeless boulder, breathing his last whiff of air.”

Brief trigger warning near the end of the soundtrack, as the drums ARE meant to resemble gun shots in rapid succession.

Hope you could enjoy.

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