My Eve.

I wound you up
like a toy, my Eve
in death,

an aged amaranthine
you wound me.
A lotus dress with lace
of red,
a psychological bloom
upon my bones,

don’t you know
the orphaned winter was born for me,
my Eve in death.

© 2021 Pseudopsychosis All Rights Reserved.

Reposted for the 01/06/2022 dVerse OLN.

50 thoughts on “My Eve.”

  1. You go all the way… don’t hold back…your words captivate, or capture…it is not mere reading one does here….it is more than that, and my goodness, the immortal flower, aged, and the orphan winter…there is a swirl of emotions that leave their mark after reading your poem, if I dare, again, say just ‘reading’…

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  2. Yeah, you’re just that good, Lucy. Every time I come here, you take me by surprise. “Amaranthine”…now there’s a word made for a poem if there ever was one. And that last troika took my breath away. Your work is unsparingly honest, fresh as a dash of ice water, and as pleasing to a poet as good coffee. I am your fan, and that’s that.

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    1. Shay, have I told you lately that your comments leave me stunned? 😀 I mean, you’re my fan??? No, no, no, I’m YOUR fan. You blow me away! I love your work so much, and when hearing this praise from you, I’m like, “What do I say???” My god, a mere thank you doesn’t even convey it enough, but I really do thank you and I always love reading your insight and commentary.

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  3. Allowing someone else, to, prop us up, to, pose us, to however that other individual sees fit, we lose, control of our lives, because, we gave the right of our lives, the to another, and that, won’t, end well.

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    1. Ooooh, I’m glad you see right through this poem! I wanted it to be dark in a sense of control and chaotic tendencies as seen in dysfunctional relationships–with one trying to mold and control the other to the ideal they created in their head. Thank you so much.


  4. Oh it is wonderful to simply fall into this one, absorbing the imagery and the depth of each line. I especially love….”a psychological bloom upon my bones”. Stunning work.

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  5. “a psychological bloom
    upon my bones,”
    Reading through the comments, I hear “strong” and “powerful” and I echo that, for me this is everything a poem should be. JIM

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  6. It’s all so good, but I particularly liked for the image it created,
    “don’t you know
    the orphaned winter was born for me”

    But I have to admit, that the title and opening made me think of the show “Killing Eve.” 🤣

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    1. Thank you so much, Merril!

      And yes! You’re the first one to even mention “Killing Eve.” I was directly inspired by Villanelle for this poem, and I didn’t want to include an author’s note about what this was about/inspired by since I wanted to see if anyone can guess who I was talking about. 😂


    1. Thank you so very much! Plath is my hero. I do not know if I mentioned it, but I got her unabridged journals collection you told me about a while back ago. I only read a few pages, but I intend on one day giving it the time it deserves because I can see, from what glimpses I have read, more the person than the poet.

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