bellum omnium contra omnia (Draft).

I sit far
from the damask roses,
a basement library with bilico shelves
lesioned like the eel in
someone’s stomach,

spilling, with my favorite lady
an eos tread

a more august ground
with a phonic ghost
and brown leaves. Drown as both
men did, yet different as the Schrodinger cat
mindful, memento mori, mindful

having sex with a wendigo
red gifts my torso
and hips; hold me, hold me,
keep me away,
eos, dead at my feet,
keep it away from me
until I change my mind;

drinking, memento mori, and exoskeletal
I took pilgrimage in Rome as hemlock
reaped my chest;
abandoned in the maples, I wanted to be set free
from the outskirts in august,
because I must keep her
dreamed-up kiss.

© 2022 Pseudopsychosis All Rights Reserved.

My mind on crack pretty much. ^^

Also listened to The Liars Club by Amigo the Devil while writing. It influenced my thoughts throughout this poem–wanting something better but not reaching it and lying [to oneself] are some major themes here.

Reposted for the 4/28/22 dVerse Open Link Night.

41 thoughts on “bellum omnium contra omnia (Draft).”

    1. Thank you, Dominic! I like to experiment all the time with my poetry and I really liked how this one came out. So glad you like the way it flows, the rhythm was very important for me to get down.

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  1. Lucy! I was thinking about you the other day and wondered how you were doing. I honestly do not know what this about, but I love the stunning word images. I agree with Bjorn–be careful with the wendigo and the hemlock!

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    1. Hahaha, hi Merril! I’ve been alright, up and down, but I’ll probably be more active soon. With this piece, I was SO inspired by feelings of infatuation overwhelming the narrator, and then I love the imagery NBC’s Hannibal revealed (such as the wendigo, an eel going into someone’s body, and Hannibal and Will falling over in the “blood is black in the moonlight” final scene) that I had to write something weird once playing with those images; and the symbolism worked in this case as I was pretty vague, but that is my modus operandi.

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  2. Lucy, this a stunning read. I love the catchy title and the energy/force of your lines:

    drinking, memento mori, and exoskeletal
    I took pilgrimage in Rome as hemlock
    reaped my chest;

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  3. As always Lucy, rich, enticing, captivating, haunting, devilishly vague, wonderfully ominous — another excellent write my friend. Your muse and your imagination, both ablaze. Loved it! ✌🏼❤️

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  4. That inversion of the “lib” in Library to the “bil” in bilico caught my attention, then that string of o’s in that verse beginning with “a more august ground”. A sonic feast Lucy. JIM

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  5. The sibyl’s prophecies were an assault by Apollo, roused by the fumes rising up from the chasm where she sat on a tripod … It was up to a priest to interpret prophecy in the ravings, which is what we poets do making stanzas out of the boiling foment of our minds. This was red in tooth and claw (as the title suggests), refusing to become sensible in the light of day — a corset refused by the nightmare. Safety nets are banned in places like this, but notes are prudent and welcome. Great work Lucy!

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  6. What an intriguing tumble of imagery, Lucy. I am always transported to another time with the scenes you show us. And it doesn’t always make sense, but I enjoy visiting. Enjoyed the song too.
    Hope you are well 🙂

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    1. I often do not make sense lol. I was deeply inspired by the dark imagery from NBC’s Hannibal, and then I chose to write about my own intense feelings stemmed from past infatuations; once entwining those juxtapositions, my mind was on fire and fucked up much like Will Graham’s. Thank you so very much for your lovely words and I always enjoy seeing you here. I must pay a visit to your site soon.

      I am well enough these days, hahaha. I hope you are doing good too. ❤

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  7. Glad to hear it! I enjoyed catching up on your work, it absolutely doesn’t need to make sense! That would be too easy. Let there be facets to glean on different days! That’s what I try and aim for though I’m probably more transparent than I want to be in my poems, ha ha. Please don’t feel obligated to read mine in return by the way. Pop over whenever you feel. I’m well, thank you 🙂 ❤

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