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Meet the Owner, Lucy:

I am Lucy, the owner of Pseudopsychosis.

I am a published poet and I have been writing consistently since 2015, often indulging into horror, sci-fi, and psychological thriller type genres. I prefer to read sci-fi and horror; my writing relies on the branches of the horror genre combining different sub-genres. For my poetry or prose, I do at times use horror-like themes within my imagery, but often I write about the dissociation of the world. I, at times, write under the pseudonym Ellie Onka and occasionally post on All Poetry.

Much like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Pseudopsychosis shows a different facet of the website, presenting creative offerings through submissions, editorial pieces, contributions, and collaborative events. Formerly Lucy’s Works: A Little Writing Workshop of Horrors, it ranked #66 out of 100 on the top 100 Writing Blogs and Websites in Feedspot, as well #29 out 100 for Top 100 Horror Blogs And Websites For Horror Fans in 2020.

My content mainly focuses on poetry, often grim and verbose, but you can find me in short story projects as well, such as in collaborative events or offerings.

I love reading and writing (of course), but I also play the guitar; I’ve been playing for five years. I’ve dabbled into a small bit of piano, and very little music theory in the past. Music for me now consists of my guitar or an electronic synthesizer, publishing projects sporadically on SoundCloud.

I have publications appear in Oxford is My Home Webzine, Visual Verse Anthology, Ephemeral Elegies, VariantLit Magazine, Free Verse Revolution, and the Scarlet Leaf Review among others.

**Posts without quotation marks in the title are creator content. Posts with quotation marks in the title are often indicative of general submissions I receive**

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