“The Time Traveller’s Journal (First Entry)” by Utkarsh Koul.

It is 1949, and I have now seen the world. I've seen Germany on its knees, its people both horrified and grief-stricken for the soldiers they lost and the crimes they committed before dying. It seems it really was true that most people had no idea of the atrocities that the Nationalist Socialists had carried in the name of 'strengthening Germany', even though many claimed to be devoted followers. I saw Dachau and Auschwitz in front of me on their worst days of cruelty, and there were many of them. Had to see it from a distance, because I neither look German nor speak any. If I'd been seen, they would've probably thought I was a gypsy and matters would get complicated.I was in Hiroshima on D-Day.

“PEACE and SILENCE” by edenbray.

a clattering of jackdaw now take flight carrying their ill-gotten gains a songbird slain's remains songbird sings his nations anthem while his buried child moves earth and stones walks so tiny and discreet upon her bones and her distressed feet put up your sword, put up your anger for just an hour