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Pseudopsychosis publishes poetry, creative writing, fiction and non-fiction.

I read all the works I receive as submissions. If accepted, they are posted on a first come, first serve basis. If I feel, however, it is not a good fit for our publication, it will not be published on Pseudopsychosis.

While rejections are not sent out, you will know between one to three days if your submission has been accepted as you will see it on the site. If rejected, please do not resubmit the same piece.

Online submissions and literary works published on personal websites/blogs are often seen as online publications, and would be considered previously published through the perspective of literary journals, magazines, and editors. This is just a clarifying note before you decide to submit. It does not mean, however, I do not accept previously published pieces or literature.

Acceptances depend on the writing content and what we are looking for. Note: I will not accept submissions titled under anonymous. Please use a name or pen name.

I accept:

  • Previously published as well as unpublished pieces
  • Poems
  • Stories
  • Novels (but they will divided into chapters if it is past a certain amount of words)
  • Novellas

If a submission is against the rules or guidelines, it will not be accepted as a submission.

A few things to mention:

  1. Authors will always be credited for their submissions (obviously).
  2. First come, first serve.
  3. If you would like to have your piece removed from the blog, just let me know through this comment section, and it will be taken down at your request.

You can submit your work here.

78 thoughts on “Submit Here”

      1. I think it’s one of my favorites of yours as well. Of course, that is, right after your onion poem! πŸ˜€

        I’m sorry to hear that, though. Is she also in the CWC?

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    1. Oh, wow! The story is so vivid and I loved the entire scenery with the fog. It really made the setting so dark and wicked in its own verisimilitude. I loved the foreshadowing as well, and the ending was amazing! What a fantastic horror story. Thank you for sharing!


    1. Hi! πŸ‘‹

      I’d be happy to. I have a link right where it says in the beginning, β€œGo here if you wish to place a submission…” The link (where it says β€œhere”) will lead you to a Google Forms document where you can fill out the required information, and copy/paste your submission piece in the answer box that requests for it.

      I will then review your piece, and if accepted, it will be posted in the order it was received.

      I hope this answers your question. Thank you for your interest to submit. πŸ™‚


      1. What a beautifully written piece. It will be posted on Sunday (I go by the submission order received) so keep an eye out for it!

        As well, the Little Writing Workshop of Horrors is in name only. We accept all kinds of genres and do not discriminate against a single one. πŸ˜‰

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    1. Hi Coco! Unfortunately, there isn’t a set way or system to know if a submission has been accepted, but you can ask here. Your submission has been accepted and it will be posted tomorrow morning EST time. Thank you for submitting.

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    1. Hello Coco. Thank you for your submission. I’m afraid it wasn’t quite right for us, but I wish you all the best in placing your work elsewhere. Don’t feel disheartened, it just isn’t quite what we’re looking for right now.

      Best wishes,

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    1. There really isn’t anything specific that I do look for; the only thing that would be consistent are the type of submissions that have been accepted and published on here.

      With that said, feel free to submit. I would be happy to read it and see if it is a good fit for the site.


  1. ok so here is a previously unpublished poem I wrote in 1986 fo your consideration – many thanks – edenbray



    emotive memories

    lost moments – we live


    I remember when I was young

    when we were children

    playing – the things we did!


    School times, hard times

    love times

    it all comes back


    Does the sap rise?

    here the lump in my throat

    there the ache in my heart


    The Summer of .. . . ..’

    that cold, cold winter

    my first car, what a peach


    Memories skip and dance

    whimper, pall and fade

    live, warm and energise


    I’m thinking of you

    the things we did



    And you know its fun

    to remember

    even sorrow has its end


    Shaft of reason

    hand of compassion

    moment of understanding


    We grope to experience

    the plight of others

    the memories they carry


    We fear the night dreams they know

    the sad tales they could tell

    we whimper at their loss


    The terror of darkness

    and agony that surrounds us

    we stand aghast


    Can we lift, nurture?

    then be done and do it!

    more often we listen


    And we, as the tale is told wonder

    till confronted by the past

    we long for the future



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    1. Thank you for posting my poem I appreciate it and also what you are providing with your site. I will try and find something else suitable to submit later on. Meanwhile, if anyone would like to read more of my work please visit my WordPress site ~ edenbray the poet – SITE B – link provided – Once again, thanks for your interest.

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      1. Hello Eden.

        That is generally not how I accept submissions on here. I have a link to a Google Forms document on the Submit Here page, which is how I receive submissions.

        However, your submission has been accepted and will be up tomorrow morning EST time. Be on the lookout for it then.


    1. Hi Lucy

      I seem to be experiencing some issues accessing your site, leaving likes and stuff. Hope you received my submissions through the submit here page ok.

      Your doing a good job,


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  2. Hi Lucy, I know Im a bit of a dimwit sometimes but struggling to find the piece you mentioned would be up on Friday. If I’ve got something wrong would appreciate your advice. I’m sure you are busy enough. Its a great site by the way and enjoying what I’m reading. Thanks Lucy

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    1. Hi Eden. The way I receive submissions is a one-way process; only I can see them through the form.

      I’m glad you are enjoying the site. Thank you for sticking around! 😁

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      1. No, not at all. Everyone is welcome here.

        “Sticking around” was more of a dig at my site since it jokingly implies that despite all its faults, we still have readers and writers who somehow enjoy it. πŸ™‚

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    1. That’s a very beautiful poem, Tahzebun. I like how you go into those thoughts on what that poem you want to write means to you.

      Are you looking to submit it for consideration on my site as well?


      1. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way currently that we’d let submitters know if their pieces get published when they submit (outside of asking, of course). I can confirm with you, though, that I have accepted your piece and that it will be up tomorrow morning EST time.

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    1. Thank you so much, Rog! It’s a great and well done piece, and I especially enjoyed how you used my line with the imagery following afterward. πŸ˜€


  3. Lucy’s Works Poetry Site is really one of the best Poetry Showcase sites I know, providing a showcase for the author herself and guest writers like myself to post their work to a large and appreciative audience.

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