Heroes and Villains.

Lauren could no longer hesitate with her emotions. She had been frozen into the distinction of time and above all, tragedies—first with losing her parents, protecting her brother, Tom, as they were forced into memory loops and injections, then looking out for themselves on the island. She had to put other people out there to die, to disfigure themselves at the mercy of ash and topaz river-beds but she would do it again for him. Artemis, however, made this thinking process very difficult.

“The Rainbow Room” by ikwords.

I turn and proceed to the next one, a small two-story house on the corner. The rich forest-green walls are caked with grimy mud at the bottom. I move forward dexterously, and soon I am through the door, my gun held up in front of me. “Team 294 present. By the New Law, you must show yourself,” I recite, scanning the room for signs of life.

Story Collaboration: Chapter 3.

"That's a houze of a different color," Z observed.

"Horse too," I replied lowly.

"What's that?" he asked. "Never mind. We have other fish to filet. If it wasn't you, we have off-grid competition. They're playing the game old school. What could they have gotten before tossing him off the roof? The zame things we got last night? We must assume he told them about us. This is not good."

Story Collaboration: Chapter 2.

“You know,” I said after a pause. “I think it’s really not good to speculate cases and things. In my experience, that’s what gets you into trouble.” Cracker had been at the organization half the amount of time I had been there. I thought it a benevolent deed to give them a few pointers.

“Whatever mate,” Cracker leaned against the elevator wall. “All I’m sayin’ is that’s a whole lot of stinking garbage for someone to clean up and I’m just glad it’s not me.” They pushed their large glasses further up their nose.

Story Collaboration: Chapter 1.

“You see,” He pats me on the shoulder without washing his hands, “you see how far you can come to be like me… An empire of data, the co-owner of at least five industries with thirty percent say.”

“Sounds like shit, to be honest.”


“The thirty percent say. You don’t have much control, do you?”