“Oscillation” Poem Published in Visual Verse.

My poem, “Oscillation” was recently published in Visual Verse. I am very honored and proud to be included in the company of such strong artists and word-tamers. They have my respect and appreciation. As well, my gratitude and thanks goes to Visual Verse for accepting my piece for their Volume 7 ~ Chapter 11 issue.

“30 July 2018” by adreamy1.

These days, I enjoy solitude. Miles away from my family, I now humbly dwell in the bleak, quite well-maintained, but sometimes-smelly establishment provided by my university. The creatures that live here besides me, though interesting at first, have now begun to bore me. To some extent, life is monotonous here. It’s ‘Eat, sleep, drink alcohol/Smoke something/ play either Fornite or PUBG or CSGO or COD/go crazy on social media, repeat.’ And since I try to keep constant vigilance against the penultimate phrase of this MUCH followed and respected vision of these creatures, I usually end up alone. It’s not that I don’t cherish these moments of free-thinking and self-inspection. But I miss the days where I am surrounded by people with passion, madness, and inspiration. I miss the light of glee gleaming from those having an affinity with the arts; of music and literature.