“The Obsession” (Chapter 1 via Kindle Vella).

“Did you think I’d forget you, my Mischa?” Somehow, her voice didn’t falter into emotion, yet her chest sunk as she looked into the human’s eyes. She swallowed. Focus. Oktavia, in her dark moment, squeezed tightly before dropping Mischa to the ground. At her feet, she found something joyful. The horizon cleared and she too sat on the ground. Her gaze locked with Mischa. “I didn’t think we’d see each other again.”

By the canefields at dusk.

From solidarity and desire, the trace of winter’s end, Will I always remember that? I see people Scowled on their prophecies, and dreams from before Are never nearly settled in the impression of first want— With these rhythmic ghosts upon red petals, and in the distance The beauty of the dew—vanishing in deeper silence— Terrifying their own voices nightmarish with unease