“The Anthropocene Hymnal” Release.

Save the date! The Anthropocene Hymnal is expected to release on July 24th, 2021. The Anthropocene Hymnal is an upcoming anthology about the different impacts of climate crisis and the global pandemic as written through the perspective of many different poets and writers.

Book Review of “Letters to Jupiter.”

Letters to Jupiter is an upcoming poetry book by Lotte Jean with Magnolia Press, which is a small publisher that publishes short stories, fiction, and fantasy. Jean’s book focuses on the different aspects of self-destruction, self-creation, love, independence and spirituality.

“Oscillation” Poem Published in Visual Verse.

My poem, “Oscillation” was recently published in Visual Verse. I am very honored and proud to be included in the company of such strong artists and word-tamers. They have my respect and appreciation. As well, my gratitude and thanks goes to Visual Verse for accepting my piece for their Volume 7 ~ Chapter 11 issue.