“Darling Little Daisy” By Gabby L.

Pretty little thing with your colorful petals, I heard a storm was coming- cover up; Don’t let them all notice the way, the thunder causes your body to shake. Or the way your petals snap in two, when the heavy drops of the rain fall- and put a damper on the cracked concrete that you grow in

“You bring me the Sun and Moon…” By A Chief Among Sinners.

You bring me the Sun and Moon at your pale weary palms, Your tilted wrists glinted with dew drops of sweat, You hold the Sun, exerting faint balmy breaths of gold on your right hand, And you grasp the pale white- lit rippling silver pool iris of the Moon on your left, You took the glistening bronze celestial orbs from their faded folds of the silk threaded heavens